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National Anthem Singer

Karin Paparelli - singer/songwriter PLAY

Karin Paparelli is available as a National Anthem singer for any event that shows pride in the U.S.A. through the singing of our National Anthem. 

Paparelli makes her home in Nashville, TN where she  writes with some of the most talented writers in the world.  Many of her songs include messages of hope and inspiration, which is just an overflow of what she believes and how she lives. Her songs have been recorded by a variety of country and Christian artists, as well as by Karin herself.

When Paparelli performs as a National Anthem singer, her style is rock-country with just a touch of blues. Kind of Pat Benatar meets John Mellencamp or what she calls New York Country! With two Contemporary Christian albums to her credit and a songwriter’s project with Bill DiLuigi – you can bring home some of her great original compositions to help lift your spirit as well.

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